Radio reaches millions 

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Radio Reaches Millions


Due to lack of proper infrastructure, much of Asia is hard to access except by foot. People are deeply involved in centuries old tradition and cultural superstition. Many have not even heard the name of our Lord. Complicating things further, most people living in the rugged mountains are still illiterate!


Our Life Lessons Radio broadcast is reaching millions people every week. The bi-weekly radio program is loaded with practical teachings about family, relationships, health, work, God and contemporary worship. It is reaching an audience who are hard to access except by the air waves. Multitude of illiterate people are receiving life instruction by tuning into our radio program.


Listen to a Sample Life Lesson Program


The Scripture says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Did you know that you can bring Hope and Healing to millions by sponsoring a half or one hour program? For millions living in remote regions and mountain slopes, radio may be the first and last exposure to the message of Hope in their own language. 


We offer extensive follow up and periodic get together for the listeners of our program. Individual connections are made and scores of people are coming to the Lord.


The cost to produce a 15-minute program is US $65.

The Cost to produce a 30-minute program is US $130.

The cost to produce a 1-hour program is US $260.

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