Reaching the most unreached 

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Adopt a Native Missionary


Did you know 90% of the world's unreached people (who have never heard the name of Jesus once), live in 10/40 window extending from West Africa to East Asia?  Over 2 billion people live in India and China - most of them have had little or no exposure to the Gospel.  Every day, 86,000 people die in Asia without hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ.


For centuries, sincere efforts have been made to send foreign missionaries to reach the people of Asia.  The seed of the Gospel was sown by great missionaries like William Cary, Hudson Taylor and others.  But modern missions landscape has changed drastically.


With the rise of nationalism, today 80% of Asian countries do not allow traditional missionary work.  We'll never be able to "import" enough foreign missionaries to reach a nation.  But God has not abandoned his dream to save the world.  Therefore He is raising an army of dedicated, committed and able national workers to reach their own people.


Native missionaries in Asia have been extremely effective.  Every day, 20,000 are accepting Christ in India.  In Communist China, 25,000 people are finding the Lord through hardship, dedication of the Chinese believers.


The new trend has been a blessing in disguise.  Consider these facts.  Native missionaries have no language or cultural barrier.  They can travel freely to any part of their own country.  They have a living testimony of the power of the Gospel in their own community.  It is not considered a western religion.  And it costs only $1,440 to $3,000 per year to send a native missionary compared to over $60,000 per year to field a foreign missionary.



What Can You Do to Become a Partner?


It is a team effort.  While native missionaries risk everything even their very lives to proclaim the Gospel, without support from Christians around the world, their fruitfulness is limited.  But when you partner with a native missionary, they go on your behalf to win the lost.  Here's what you can do:


1.  Pray.  More has been changed through prayers on our knees than any other method in the world.  When you pray for the safety of the worker, they can supernatural protection to spread the Gospel in hostile, anti-Christian territory.


2.  Support.  Depending on the size and location of the family, it takes between $120 and $250 per month to sponsor a native missionary.  You can partially support one worker for only $30 per month.  Your support allows them to rent a room, buy basic food and clothes for the family.


When you become a sponsor, we'll send you a picture and a short life testimony of your missionary so you can pray.  You'll also receive a yearly report updating you about your missionary's struggles, victories and prayer needs; as well as family news. 

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