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Build International Ministries - Transforming Communities

What is Anand Nagar (City of Joy)?


Anand Nagar. City of Joy!  We have been involved in missions since 1996. It has been a thrill to see hundreds of thousands of people accepting Christ as their personal Savior. We’ve done our best to stay focused on the Great Commission. And we have no plans to deviate from  that.

In recent years, God has stirred our hearts to go beyond the Spiritual and minister to the body and mind also. We feel God is challenging us to a bigger vision - to transform communities with sustainable growth and impact. That is what City of Joy is all about.

Over 70% of the population in Asia, lives below the poverty line.  Children are sent to work or have to look after their siblings.  Of the millions of children, 60% have never stepped inside a school and often 50% of the entire population is illiterate. 

Christians are a minority in India, China, Nepal and Bangladesh. They are beaten, tortured and even killed simply for their faith in Christ. Recently in Nepal, bomb threats and murder notes were sent to many prominent leaders. Just a few weeks ago, a church was bombed and some were killed. How can we win the hearts and minds of the people?

The Scripture says, "The goodness of God leads people to repentance." Our goal is to reach the people by educating, equipping and empowering the locals. City of Joy is Service Centers (initially serving 2000 people in various capacities) where we educate and provide vocational training for commerce through various means.

We create employment and contribute to the local economy. Once the communities begin to produce, they prosper.  Christians gain respect and dignity and come into a place of influence.

We also bring clean drinking water through Life Wells and prevent thousands of children from dying every year. City of Joy is a secure place of worship without interference from the religious extremists.

Imagine! From the comfort of your own home you can transform communities. Imagine being part of bringing clean drinking water and saving thousands of children every year. Or how about taking a step further and mentoring a child? You can leave a legacy behind by investing in these children. Are you good in business? You can give us a piece of your mind and tell us how to start and fund small businesses. The possibilities are endless and what a testimony it will be for our Lord!

We need investors in three levels --financial, goods and services and volunteers. We also are looking for Ambassadors who will tell the story of lives being transformed to others.

Will you please join us and transform communities with the Gospel?

Sandy Anderson explains City of Joy


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