Your love can save a life 

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Loving, Touching, and Changing Lives...


Mentor a Child program designed to provide education (body, mind and spirit), nutritious food, development of social skills and an opportunity to hear the Gospel. They also receive preventive medical checkups.  Our goal is to rescue thousands of children in Asia from a life of poverty and endless cycle of hopelessness and despair.  Millions of children in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Burma are born and brought up in extreme poverty.  We're reaching and preparing the next generation, NOW!

There are approximately 30 million people in Nepal.  Almost 80% of the population of Nepal is below the poverty line.  Nepalese children are often deprived of education.  They are sent to work or have to look after their siblings in poverty stricken families. 

Of the approximately 8 million children in Nepal, 60% have never even stepped foot inside a school and over 50% of the entire population of Nepal is illiterate.  Half of Nepalese children are malnourished and stunted as a result of starvation and lack of nutrition.

India and other surrounding nations are not any different from Nepal, if not worse.

You Can Mentor a Child


Over the years, we've mentored hundreds of children who are now self-sufficient, productive and respectable community builders.  Many have found Christ as their personal Savior and some have become ministers of the Gospel. We believe in the potential of every child and labor diligently to bring out the best of God in them.


For only $1 a day or $30 a month, you can mentor a child and put them in the course of life that will impact eternity.  When you sponsor a child, you'll receive an information packet with your child's photo.


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